Aniboom’s Milestone: 1,000 videos on our YouTube channel

On July 11, 2007, we uploaded our first animation on YouTube:

I remember the day like it was just yesterday and I’m proud to say that after 1,772 days, we have hit our 1,000 animation on our YouTube channel. A lot of our animations went viral and reached over 1 Million views and some of our animations barely made 10,000 views, some videos made you laugh, while other made you cry, either way, it’s been quite the journey!

We want to thank our amazing audience who take the time to watch our animations and write comments that share their..sometimes too honest opinion…. we love you! Yes, even those “First!” comment’ors
We also want to thank our team of amazing animators from around the globe who upload their animations to Aniboom and give us the chance to show the world that animators are pretty awesome people!

So… I’m holding a glass of champagne as as I write this… cheers to us all and to another 1,000 animations ahead!

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