Giant Fuzzy Dolls Animated With Aniboom

“As a startup, we don’t have a large marketing department with a lot of existing connections to get things like animation done” says Zoe Fraade, a Creative Lead for Squishable.
Like many companies and entrepreneurs around the world, Zoe understands the power of animation as a powerful, eye catching, and fun way to promote a product, or get a message across.

But, as others from outside the animation industry have come to realize, getting an idea animated means finding the right professional to take the lead.

She continues: “Short of Craigslist, we really had no idea where to turn to get some fast turnaround on the videos we wanted. On Aniboom, the animators came
pretty much overnight and picking the one we wanted was fairly easy”.

Using the Aniboom Animation Marketplace, the squishable brand got 2 animated videos ready in no time, and 3 more are in production, all done by Ronen Zhurat, a member of aniboom’s freelance animator s community.

All Zoe had to do, was open an animation project, post it on aniboom’s marketplace, and wait for the professionals to propose themselves. After she found Ronen and agreed on the terms, it was, as Zoe puts it, a breeze :”It was a pleasure to meet someone who got the style we were going for so well.  Payment has been as easy as paypal can make it, which has been great”

Check out another funny video done by Ronen Zhurat for Squishable

or visit Squishable’s Youtube channel 

Check out Squishable  - They’re giant round fuzzy stuffed animals. Hug them


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